Advisor's Message

Hon'ble Mr Subrata Roy Sahara Greetings!!

It is with immense pleasure, we welcome Hon'ble Mr Subrata Roy Sahara as Advisor and Mentor on the Board of HEALTHUREUM.

I am thankful to Team HEALTHUREUM for their faith in me and graciously accept their request to induct me in their Board as Advisor and Mentor.I strongly believe and has always believed that sustainable creation of wealth is deeply integrated with the intent of benefitting society at large so as to give back to the community more than what we derive out of them. To that extent I am humbled to contribute my little experience in assisting HEALTHUREUM in their noble goal in providing immense value to the health care industry. I am intrigued by the new BLOCKCHAIN technology and the wayit is paving a paradigm shift from the conventional way of doing business. With its decentralised structure and efficient transaction mechanisms, I am convinced that this will be the future of all businesses in the times to come. 'Healthcare' being one of the primary, crucial and socially responsible industry, requires standardisation, transparency and scalability, which can be immensely benefitted with the application of this technology.

I am extremely impressed with the objective of HEALTHUREUM being one of its kind platform, a dynamic and multi-functional ecosystem designed to bring healthcare services globally on the BLOCKCHAIN TECHNOLOGY to transform ‘How We Manage Our Healthcare’ providing services ranging from data systemization to doctor consultation and medical infrastructure to research and most importantly philanthropic activities and services.

I notice with pleasure that Team HEALTHUREUM is formed by professionals with impeccable credentials lead by His Excellency Sultan Ali ManeaMufreh Al Ahbabi (Member of the Royal family of Abu Dhabi) who in his own right is an acclaimed engineer and additionally the Project Director in the Engineering Office of His Highness Sheikh Mansour Bin Zayed Al Nahyan (Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Presidential Affairs United Arab Emirates)

I wish Team HEALTHUREUM all success and encourage all to actively participate in the HEALTHUREUM Project.

Sahara India Pariwar