Token/ICO details

HHEM Token

TGE Pre-Sale
No. of Tokens Available: 6,100,000
Beginning: 16th December 2017
End: 5th January 2018 or Sale of 6.1million tokens

TGE Sale
No. of Tokens Available: 32,000,000
Beginning: 26th February 2018
End: 1st April 2018
1 HHEM: 3.95 USD

Buyer Benefits

Healthureum is best suited for a TGE model as the project is so vast that it will be executed in stages and according to milestones, which can be achieved through TGE project funding. By contributing to the project, you are enabling this innovative product to be released to the public sooner. So, what's in it for the early investors?

  • Early token appreciation for Pre-Sale TGE participants
  • A first glance at healthcare's most revolutionary project.
  • Potential to gain token appreciation even before token listing.
  • Secured investment in soon to be India's largest healthcare band.
  • Ability to capitalize on a projects potential from day one.
  • Opportunity to be part of Healthureum, the future proof healthcare management system.
Token Purpose: Healthureum is set to revolutionize the healthcare industry with the power of blockchain and smart contracts technology, providing multifarious healthcare solutions to consumers and healthcare institutes. Healthureum will provide secure & efficient medium for accessing and paying for services using the Healthureum token.


Token Name: HHEM
Platform: Ethereum
Token Standard: ERC20
TGE Soft Cap: $15 million
Total Supply of Tokens: 150 million
Price per Token for TGE Pre-Sale: $3.5
Can be Purchased with: BTC & ETH
Bonus Tokens for Early Birds

Bonus Tokens for Early Birds
Pre-Sale TGE

Day 1: 22%
Week 1: 17%
Week 2: 12%
Week 3: 7%
Week 4: 2%
Week 5: 0%