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  4. The tokens so gained by the participant the Healthureum services are not intended to afford the participant any right or claim of the assets or profit thereof of Healthureum and shall not be treated as a security, investment tool, promissory note, bill of exchange, share, scrip, debenture or any other financial instrument that may entail any beneficial interest to the participant of the Healthureum services at any point of time.
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  7. Healthureum will diligently endeavor to achieve the vision and the benchmarks envisaged in the white paper and website, which will be achieved in a phased manner periodically. However, a target date for the achievement of vision and benchmarks is not possible to declare any time.
  8. Healthureum is a service platform developed on the Ethereum’s blockchain platform. However, the token and other aspects of our technology may have different financial and legal treatment in the participant’s Country, therefore, the participant is advised to understand the legal implication of transaction carried out at www.healthureum.io or any third party platform through Healthureum tokens all the time.
  9. The sale of token and transaction on www.healthureum .io may be restricted or suspended, temporarily or permanently, in the regions wherein the Healthureum’s platform is declared to be in conflict with the laws of the restricting region, which is unlikely in future.
  10. Participant/s acknowledges that the Healthureum platform, as described herein, may never in fact operate as intended. Participant/s also acknowledges that all services and scope of work proposed in this white paper is subject to any licensing required.
  11. The white paper has been prepared to the best of our knowledge and research, however it should not be relied upon for any future actions.
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  13. Healthureum may share the data of the Particpants.