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What is Healthureum?

Healthureum is a new revelation in the crypto sphere that combines blockchain and healthcare to bring the best of both under one roof. The Healthureum platform is designed on the Ethereum based blockchain using smart contract technology to significantly improve efficiency and interoperability of healthcare services. The Healthureum token, which is at the epicentre of the project and abbreviated as HHEM, is primed to be used as the transactional medium of choice for the new and upcoming platform. The ecosystem will facilitate payment for services rendered using the HHEM token and similarly will act as a medium for reward to compensate medical practitioners who offer referrals and second opinions within the Healthureum network. Laboratories and clinics that carry out diagnostics and tests for Healthureum patients will be rewarded with HHEM tokens.

The token will provide a fast and efficient method of payment which can be used for services globally. It is peer to peer so no third party fees and operates on the blockchain so no mistakes or delays.
Healthureum has come into existence to bring innovative blockchain based solutions to tackle healthcare's biggest challenges. The tokenisation model adds another layer of innovation, to bring our solutions to a global audience and facilitate secure and speedy payments between stakeholders. This ensures our users have access to the best expertise without needing to travel or suffer international fees. The token will give you access to an array of top class health related services, while managing your complete medical data to ensure privacy and integrity. The Healthureum ecosystem is the first of its kind and will be a game changer in the future of healthcare. The multi-functional ecosystem is designed to transform 'How We Manage Our Healthcare'.

About Us

Healthureum offers innovative blockchain based solutions to tackle healthcare’s critical challenges. What first began in 2016, as an initiative to bring widespread transparency and efficiency, has evolved into a full-scale ecosystem to revolutionize the healthcare services

sector. The blockchain will do to healthcare what the internet did to media; streamline it and create a more competitive environment, producing quality healthcare services which operate at the highest level of efficiency.
Demand for global standard healthcare services, which are easy to access, affordable and patient friendly, is the sole focus of Healthureum. By providing a gateway for all stakeholders to provide and receive the most efficient service.
Our team is confident that Healthureum will be a trail blazer in the early adoption of blockchain in healthcare. We have a combined experience in big data, data science, healthcare, medical data, blockchain and finance, and most importantly, we have witnessed the pitfalls in healthcare today, and want to make a CHANGE!
Radical. Required. Rewarding.

What We Offer

Healthureum is a gateway to global standard healthcare secured and operated on the blockchain. We will guarantee our users a secure and transparent method of procuring and paying for medical services globally. You will own your data, having instant access

to real time and historical medical data which can be shared by you with your doctor or physician. Opportunities to access first of its kind innovative treatment plans including philanthropic sponsorship programs.

How it works

Healthureum operates on the Ethereum blockchain using an ERC20 standard to deploy smart contracts for health-related services. All services procured in the Healthureum ecosystem shall accept only HHEM tokens as means of payment, and any rewards earned shall be

compensated using HHEM tokens, for fast and secure transfers. Healthureum's innovative platform focuses on five core areas to bring widespread efficiency and transparency, and cost savy healthcare.

  • Data Systemization
  • Doctor Consultation and Referral
  • Medical Infrastructure
  • Research Programs
  • Philanthropic Activities

Our Aim

Blockchain and Smart Contract technology integration in healthcare's critical services will bring S3, Standardization, Scalability, Social Responsibility, while tackling the inflated costs, limited access to adequate services and misutilization of patient data.

  1. Standardization
  2. Scalability
  3. Social responsibility


Problems in Healthcare

  • Disparities in treatment methods, quality of care and cost of procedures.
  • Mismanagement of patient data.
  • Accessibility to your own healthcare records.
  • Difficulty in obtaining a second opinion.
  • Complex procedures for referral to a specialist.
  • Long waiting periods for appointments or procedures.
  • Lack of adequate medical infrastructure
  • Excessive cost of health care and limited access to healthcare loans.
  • Fraud, manipulation and cybercrime.
  • Lack of trust in the healthcare sector.

Solutions by Healthureum

  • Transparency in data, processes, billing and claims.
  • Consolidation of patient data accessible at your fingertips.
  • You own your data, have instant access to real time and historic medical data.
  • Global access to expertise.
  • Video consultations and fast diagnosis.
  • World class infrastructure readily available.
  • Secured data, certified consultants, quick and safe payment system.
  • Trusted ecosystem which promotes patient data integrity and accountability.


Hon'ble Mr Subrata Roy Sahara

Sultan Al-Ahbabi


Mission & Vision

Healthureum Goal

Our goal is to bring a robustness, trust, and efficiency to future proof healthcare procedures.
Healthcare today is riddled with disparities and unable to adequately service its stakeholders due resource intensive procedures, fraud and inefficient systems for managing and sharing medical data. In 2015, over 112 million breaches occurred through IT hacks against healthcare records. With blockchain, Healthureum will mitigate such risks, using cryptography to secure patient data integrity. We will facilitate the smooth exchange of data between patients, internal departments and hospitals, to reduce errors, fraud and cybercrime, ensuring ownership of data is with the patient.
Healthureum will bring a conglomerate of healthcare-related facets to be operated on an Ethereum-based platform. These include data management and consolidation, doctor referrals and consultation, and general philanthropy. Through blockchain, we can achieve decentralized healthcare, closing the gap between services; through transparency, security and most importantly accountability.

Features / Services

Doctor Consultation, Referral and Diagnostics

Doctor Consultation, Referral and Diagnostics

The Healthureum platform provides a tri-function solution for convenient and cost-effective healthcare, through consultation,

Data Systemization


Healthureum will enable patients to consolidate all their data, whether personal, medical or emergency, stored in a single platform which is secured

Medical Infrastructure


Medical infrastructure is typically the single biggest capital expense for a hospital. So Healthureum wants to integrate blockchain in this field to

Research Programs


Research plays an important role in solving medical mysteries, cures and experimental drugs and treatment programs. However, data integrity is at risk.

Philanthropic Activities


Now using Healthureum, you can choose to fund projects of social cause in the form of philanthropic activities. Whether it's a pro bono surgery or


Healthureum is a blockchain-based healthcare management system that is set to revolutionalize the modern healthcare era as we know it. There are several perks of adopting this project as early as now such as the following.


By transitioning from resource intensive processes, to blockchain-enabled processes, the costs can be significantly lowered.


Adopting delivery models that focus on a cooperative technology and interoperability, it can improve efficiency in all internal processes, positively influencing care delivery.

Population Health Management

Standardization and interoperability would allow for more collaboration between hospitals in the form of data sharing which would aid population health management and future capital planning.


Technology-enabled solutions can offer greater efficiency to the entire ecosystem, resulting in patient satisfaction, higher standards in service provision, faster recovery, better utilization of resources and reduced costs overall.


By transitioning from paper based processes to technology-enabled ones, we can deliver much more efficient processes, reducing time, effort and resources required. Through a standardized approach, we can enhance integration and data sharing in a more secure and user-friendly manner.


Information sharing, and partnerships helps can help lower operational and regulatory risks. However, standardization and interoperability are necessary to establish a consistent approach to compliance framework and implementation to maintain regulation in global health standards.


Healthurium is onboarding the advice of a well-rounded team of medical, financial and technical professionals with a keen interest in improving global healthcare standards.

David Price
  • Name: Denis Samardjiev
  • Nationality: Bulgaria
  • Position: CEO
  • Phone: (000) 1234 5678
David Price
  • Name: Denis Samardjiev
  • Nationality: Bulgaria
  • Position: CEO
  • Phone: (000) 1234 5678
David Price
  • Name: Denis Samardjiev
  • Nationality: Bulgaria
  • Position: CEO
  • Phone: (000) 1234 5678
David Price
  • Name: Denis Samardjiev
  • Nationality: Bulgaria
  • Position: CEO
  • Phone: (000) 1234 5678

Road map

  • September 2016

    Founders collaborated with a common concern for the future of healthcare.

  • November 2016

    Healthureum basic initiatives outlined with five fields of focus.

  • January 2017

    Research into healthcares recent surveys to quantify the challenges and potential of blockchain applications.

  • March 2017

    Welcomed on board key members, and identified relevant use cases, for our initiatives.

  • May 2017

    SWOT analysis of different blockchain applications based on data size and type.

  • July 2017

    Structured development plan and key milestones for next 18 months.

  • September 2017

    Decided on a tokenized approach to help bring this concept to the masses. Developed marketing strategy and preparation for TGE to start in December

  • November 2017

    Launch of website, social media marketing and testing of registration platform for TGE.

  • December 2017

    Launch of Pre-Sale TGE, bounty campaign and teaser strategy.

  • February 2018

    Launch of TGE Sale, full scale PR and marketing campaign.

  • March 2018

    Registration for listing on exchanges to facilitate token. In depth financial planning to allocate TGE funds appropriately.

  • May 2018

    Define framework for collecting a standardized data set, to be used in Alpha model for data systemization.

  • July 2018

    Testing of Alpha data systemization app between patients and two pilot hospitals. Consolidate data and credentials for local doctors, specialists and pathology labs for referrals feature.

  • September 2018

    Create Beta version of data systemization app and float into two pilot hospitals to implementation and testing. Develop Alpha model for virtual doctor consultations and referrals.

  • November 2018

    Make any necessary revisions while checking regulatory and data privacy compliance. Then introduce to 5 hospitals for implementation. Float Alpha model for virtual doctor consultation and referrals for testing.

  • January 2019

    Address any scalability concerns before introducing data systemization to 5 more hospitals. Launch Beta virtual doctor consultation and referrals.

  • March 2019

    Reveal final virtual doctor feature with complete referral for doctors, specialists and pathology labs. Develop smart contract for project lending feature.

  • May 2019

    Launch Project lending feature for low value medical loans up to $20,000.

  • July 2019

    Launch Project lending feature for high value medical loans. Implement blockchain based system for medical infrastructure in 2 pilot hospitals.

  • August 2019

    Look to integrate blockchain-enabled research programs and philanthropic activities side by side.

Tokens Allocation and Funds

 Healthureum HHEM token

TGE Pre-Sale
No. of Tokens Available: 4.4 million
Beginning: 16th December 2017
End: 30th December 2017 or Sale of 4.4 million tokens

TGE Sale
No. of Tokens Available: 28.3 Million
Beginning: 26th February 2018
End: 1st April 2018
1 HHEM: 3.95 USD

Buyer Benefits

Healthureum is best suited for a TGE model as the project is so vast that it will be executed in stages and according to milestones, which can be achieved through TGE project funding. By contributing to the project, you are enabling this innovative product to be released to the public sooner. So, what's in it for the early investors?

  • Early token appreciation for Pre-Sale TGE participants
  • A first glance at healthcare's most revolutionary project.
  • Potential to gain token appreciation even before token listing.
  • Secured investment in soon to be Worlds largest healthcare brand.
  • Ability to capitalize on a projects potential from day one.
  • Opportunity to be part of Healthureum, the future proof healthcare management system.

Token Purpose

Healthureum is set to revolutionize the healthcare industry with the power of blockchain and smart contracts technology, providing multifarious healthcare solutions to consumers and healthcare institutes. Healthureum will provide secure & efficient medium for accessing and paying for services using the Healthureum token.


Token Name: HHEM
Platform: Ethereum
Token Standard: ERC20
TGE Soft Cap: $15 million
Total Supply of Tokens: 150 million
Price per Token for TGE Pre-Sale: $3.5
Can be Purchased with: BTC & ETH
Bonus Tokens for Early Birds

Pre-Sale TGE



Day 1: 22%
Week 1: 17%
Week 2: 12%
Week 3: 7%
Week 4: 2%
Week 5: 0%


Our team is from all over the world and we know how to deliver quality pixels from miles away.

Visit Us

Laeva th 2, Kesklinna District,

Tallinn City, Harju County-10111


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